A Coalescent Christmas Gift

A Coalescent Christmas Gift With the holidays not too far past, it seems timely that a desirable gift for a web designer would be a shiny new site for themselves. And while that's mostly true, the new site's genesis stretches back a full year with many delays in between as day-to-day business takes precedence, many challenges faced and lessons learned. It's been an interesting process.

At one level, it is my hope the new site will hold value for existing clients, potential new clients and for other designers and colleagues in the industry.

We've added an expanded portfolio section which now also keys in on some other areas of work (print, email marketing, branding) that we've grown into over the last 6 years or so. There's also a client section where we hope to publish more feedback from our clients about the work we do.

But even further, this site has been an opportunity to explore and play over the last year in a way we can't often do. As such, it's given me the chance to introduce this blog where I hope to talk about some of those experiences from the past year.

And hopefully, that will be the start of a conversation that will cover much diverse ground related to design and the web.

I hope you enjoy both.


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